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How to Order

Online Ordering: SRS accepts online orders from our US and international customers. To order, click on the Buy Online link above.

Purchase Orders: SRS accepts purchase orders from our US and international customers. Purchase orders may be placed online, over the telephone, by fax, mail or email.

Getting a Quotation: To get a quotation or Proforma Invoice from anywhere in the world, click on the Get a Quote link above.

SRS manufactures test instruments for research and industrial applications

SRS Products
Scientific Test & Measurement
Laser Diode Controller RF Signal Generators
Optical Shutter Systems Synthesized Clock Generator
Temperature Controller Synthesized Function Generators
Small Instrumentation Modules FFT Spectrum Analyzers
Lock-In Amplifiers Audio Analyzers
Optical Chopper 10 MHz Rubidium Audio Clock
Preamplifiers LCR Meters
Digital Delay Generators Thermocouple Monitor
High Voltage Power Supplies Programmable Filters
Gated Integrators/Boxcar Averagers
Photon Counter
Analytical Time & Frequency
Potentiostat / Galvanostat Frequency Standards & Oscillators
Melting Point Apparatus Time Interval / Frequency Counters
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Distribution Amplifiers
Nitrogen Laser


Ion Gauge Controller
Residual Gas Analyzers
Atmospheric Sampling Systems
Process Monitoring Systems