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DigiMelt Firmware Upgrade
What is this?

We're offering a firmware upgrade to the current DigiMelt version (2.01). You don't need to return your DigiMelts to SRS and there is absolutely no charge for this upgrade. The warranty, calibration, and performance are unaffected.


Detailed instructions are included with each Updater and can be downloaded right here.

Briefly, all you needed is a #2 Phillips screw driver and about 3 minutes per DigiMelt.

  1. Send an email request to, along with your contact information and complete mailing address.
  2. When the Updater arrives:
    • Open the DigiMelt,
    • Plug in the Updater,
    • Switch the power on, wait about 20 seconds, switch it off,
    • Remove the Updater ,
    • and close up the DigiMelt.
  3. After all your DigiMelts are updated, return the Updater to SRS or dispose of it as e-waste.


This firmware upgrade addresses a problem that only two customers have reported. Though the number of failures is small, we would like to correct it for all our customers. The problem is most likely to occur in cold ambient environments (below 20C or 68F). The problem presents in two ways:

  • The oven may not control the temperature well and may not be able to reach the Start temperature.
  • Tube Tapper may run erratically.

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