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Tech Support
QMS Series
Tech Support

If you are having problems with your QMS Series Analyzer you can call us at (408)744-9040 and speak with an engineer, or email us using our technical support request form. If you wish to send the instrument back to SRS for service click here.

If you wish to try and fix the problem yourself, the user manual may be useful, and the following troubleshooting guide may be helpful too.

Troubleshooting Guide

1) Problems starting the system

Click here to download QMS Turn On Procedure.

2) When powering on the QMS, the mechanical pump doesnít pump down

Itís likely your diaphragm pump is vapor locked. With the QMS powered on, turn off both pumps (turbo and diaphragm) and close the two valves (capillary flow and sample inlet). Wait until the turbo pump spins down completely. Then remove the capillary and open the capillary valve. This lets the system vent. You should hear the air flowing into the system. After a few seconds try the turn-on procedure above (#1 of the Troubleshooting Guide).


If you are still having trouble your QMS Series Analyzer, your instrument will need to come back to SRS for service. Click here to get an RMA number.

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